The e-commerce sector has experienced an unprecedented acceleration, driven by the mass adoption of online shopping. This digital transition has highlighted the crucial importance of integrated, responsive accounting. We Doo Accounting understands the specific challenges of this sector: inventory management, tracking sales flows, and the need for healthy cash flow. 

Odoo offers a turnkey solution for creating and managing a free website, integrating sales, inventory and accounting. optimized for seo, an odoo website ensures increased online visibility. at we doo accounting, we maximize these odoo assets to boost your e-commerce.

Thanks to our expertise in Odoo, we offer you a clear view of your financial situation in real time, essential for anticipating trends and optimizing your margins. Free yourself from accounting constraints and concentrate on growing your online business.

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Profitability under the microscope

Instantly visualize your profitability. We highlight key indicators to boost your performance.

Inventories and flows under control

Track your inventory and analyze your sales flows in real time. Clear management to anticipate needs and boost sales.

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Integrated accounting

We Doo Accounting makes it easy to synchronize your online sales with your accounting. Odoo integrates everything, so you can control everything.

FAQ : How we work with e-merchant ?

 They specialize in addressing e-commerce-specific challenges like inventory management and sales flow tracking.

Yes, we can create a website using the Odoo website application. However, if you want to manage inventories, sales, or accounting, you will need to use another application that is not free.

They provide tools for instant visibility into profitability and performance metrics.

They utilize Odoo to seamlessly synchronize online sales data with accounting systems.

How can We Doo Accounting assist in improving my e-commerce business's financial performance ?

By offering insights and tools for better inventory and sales management, aiming to enhance overall sales and profitability.