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Alexandre Rotureau 

CEO and Founder of We Doo Accounting    

After several years experience at Ernst & Young and KPMG, Alexandre fell in love with Odoo. This suite of applications makes it possible to manage any business. At the same time, he quickly discovered that companies using Odoo had difficulty producing financial information in Odoo, and often found themselves in difficulty communicating with their firms using other accounting software. He decided to create We Doo Accounting and focus solely on customers using Odoo.

This innovative approach enables the firm to produce real-time financial information in the client's environment, in collaboration with its teams. The accounting firm no longer has to put the brakes on financial production! No more asynchronous work with your accounting firm, no more waiting for the balance sheet and its figures, finally automated accounting and an opening towards consulting missions. 

We Doo Accounting it's...

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Our team

Our team of more than ten qualified employees, all trained in Odoo, is dedicated to revolutionizing your accounting management. We are committed to help you gain complete control of your accounting in real time, optimizing strategic decision-making for your business. 

When you choose We Doo Accounting, you're choosing a partner committed to your success, where every piece of advice and every action is designed to add value and dynamism to your business. Discover a collaboration that goes beyond accounting, towards a truly rewarding partnership.









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Our Values


 At We Doo Accounting, your time is precious. Our team is committed to answer quickly to all of your requests, ensuring efficient accounting management.


 Accounting with a smile! We believe in a positive and caring approach, transforming every interaction into a pleasant and constructive experience.


 Precision in every detail. Rigor is our standard to ensure flawless accounting.

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