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Maximize the use of Odoo ERP by automating your accounting with Odoo accounting training

The functional training dedicated to the Odoo accounting application will allow you to manage the configuration of the Odoo accounting application and automate your accounting flows.
The training Odoo is done by an accountant trained on Odoo accounting for accountants and non-accountants.
The trainer knows the management and flow issues of your company and how Odoo works. Odoo is a powerful ERP but requires users to change their processes and organizations. Trust the solution professionals.

why choose We Doo Accounting

Custom functional trainings 

We adapt the Odoo training according to your activity (B2B, B2C, e-commerce, services, production, etc.) and users (accountants, non-accountants, company managers, etc.)15

why choose We Doo Accounting

The experience of our trainers

They are trained in Odoo accounting but have knowledge of all functional applications of Odoo and their interactions with other applications (Sales, Purchases, Inventory…)

why choose we doo Accounting

A Odoo training done by accountants

The functional Odoo training is done by accountants for accountants or for people wishing to keep their accounts on Odoo. Our teaching, coupled with the simplified use of Odoo accountant, allows us to popularize accounting, but our trainers can also exchange on technical accounting subjects.

Why choose We Doo Accounting ?

Functional training plan

General settings of Accounting app

Taxes : cash register accounting, country taxation


Customer payments :

  • Invoices payment in line, payment discount to group payments in one single operation to simplify reconciliation processes
  • Activate customers debit with SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) allowing to debit customers
  • QR codes : add QR-codes to invoices

Vendors payments :

  • Payments by checks
  • Direct debit payments

Bank and cash :

  • Record journal entries between banks
  • Import bank statements with OFX and/or CSV files
  • Automatically import bank statements with a charged solution Ponto or with a free solution

Analytic management

  • Activate analytic management to follow expenses and incomes of your projects, your departments, your products,…
  • Activate budget management to create and follow your budget
  • Activate analytic tags
  • Allow margin analysis

Chart of Accounts :

  • Automatically Import your own chart of accounts
  • Update the Chart of Accounts suggested by the accounting app of Odoo
  • Duplicate, create or delete an accounting account
  • Create vendors/customers with contact forms
  • Autofill contact forms thanks to VAT number
  • Needed fields of a contact form about accounting (purchase: payment conditions, payment method, fiscal information : fiscal position, Miscellaneous : reference, SIRET, industry, bank accounts, journal entries)

Tax report

Automatically generate your VAT declaration

Handle intra-community VAT with vendors fiscal positions

Handle EU Intra-community Distance Selling (B2C sell)

Optimize management of VAT deductible on collection

Create and handle fiscal positions by applying country taxes (B2C)

Impute revenue accounts in function of recipient countries


Duplicate, create or delete a journal

Mandatory information of a journal

« Suspense account » understanding

Bank statements synchronization

Payments configuration

Incoming and outgoing payments



  • Create, duplicate an invoice
  • Different status (draft, posted, canceled)
  • Notion of filter and personalized filters : add, delete, filters combination
  • Payment states : in payment, partially paid, paid, not paid, reversed, late
  • Invoice dates
  • Create a refund
  • Add a partial or full refund on an invoice



  • Payment methods
  • Impact of paid invoice

Batch payments

  • Payment methods (checks, cash,…)

Customer contacts

  • Essential notions about customer form (SIRET, fiscal position, bank accounts, journal entries,…)
  • Autofill contact forms thanks to VAT number

Customers configuration


  • Payments conditions : create or duplicate payments conditions 
    • Modify description on invoice
    • Compute time limit

Handle customer follow-up with automatic follow-up

  • Create, duplicate or delete actions from automatic follow-up
  • Send an e-mail, a SMS, activate automatic executions
  • Parameter a standard message
  • Attach open invoices
  • Follow-up report

Advanced settings of customer dashboard

  • Control of authorized account types
  • Lock posted journal entries
  • Activate electronic invoices (Factur-X)
  • Collect invoices thanks to email alias


General Ledger

  • Control in the general Ledger the account assignment and reconciliation
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Select a journal entry to modify
  • Create an asset

Partner Ledger

  • Filters
    • Posted entries only / include unposted entries
    • To check
    • Unreconciled entries
    • Payable/ Receivable
    • Personalized filters
  • Partial reconciliation of vendors
  • Vendor reconciliation
  • Create un asset


Add a bank

Bank accounts synchronization (free or charged with Ponto)

  • Login update
  • Fetch Transactions update
  • Accounts update

Create bank accounts

Attach a bank statement to control bank balance                 

Reconciliation models of bank statements

Bank reconciliation


Automatic transfers

  • Create automatic transfers

Fixed Assets

  • Create, duplicate or delete an asset
  • Mandatory fields in an asset form
  • Depreciation method
  • Fixed asset account, depreciation account, expense account

Deferred revenues

Deferred expenses

Closing date

Lock date by user type

All users lock date

Tax return lock date


Journal entries mass modification

Search and modify a journal entry

Handle several companies in Odoo

Cut-off entries from Purchase application

Management of exchange rates

Journal items export with number of journal entries in the invoice in case of control


Vendor bill

  • Create, duplicate a vendor bill
  • Different status (draft, posted, canceled)
  • Notion of filter and personalized filters : add, delete, filters combination
  • Payment states : in payment, partially paid, paid, not paid, reversed, late
  • Vendor bills dates
  • Notion of activity
  • Different upload mode of vendor bills (manual, email alias, Document application, Mobile app)

Credit note

  • Create a credit note
  • Add a partial or full refund on a vendor bill


  • Payment methods
  • Impact of paid bill

Batch payments

  • Payment methods (checks, cash,…)
  • SEPA direct debit

Post vendor bills

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Buy some OCR credits
  • Notions needed for Odoo about vendor bill : Vendor bill invoice
  • Autofill : attach a delivery order to the invoice
  • Difference between invoicing date and bill date
  • Due date
  • VAT in journal entry

Advanced settings of vendors dashboard

  • Default account payable
  • Code
  • Collect bills thanks to email alias
  • Modify the alias

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