Payroll management

At We Doo Accounting, we transform the complexity of payroll management into a simplified, completely digital experience with Odoo integration. Our approach frees you from administrative constraints, allowing you to concentrate fully on developing your business.

Our Odoo Payroll Services :

 Calculation and declaration of social security contributions

Our team manages the calculation and declaration of all your social charges and payroll taxes. We ensure that everything is compliant and up to date.

 Complete payroll management

We take care of everything, from the Declaration Préalable à l'Embauche (DPAE) to the preparation of pay slips, including the management of variables such as absences and illnesses. 

 Support and advice

With a dedicated payroll consultant, we are always available to answer your questions and provide you with relevant payroll advice

 Additional services

Beyond standard payroll operations, we offer services such as leave, overtime and benefits management. We also help you draw up employee entry and exit documents.

Advantages of working with We Doo Accounting :

 Combined Accounting and Technology Expertise: Benefit from our accounting know-how integrated with Odoo's advanced technology solutions.

 Simplified Payroll Management: Delegate complex, time-consuming tasks to our team, freeing up time for your core activities.

 Compliance Assured: Stay compliant with current regulations thanks to our constant monitoring and in-depth expertise.

 Access to personalized advice: Take advantage of our personalized approach and availability to answer all your payroll questions.

 Optimized processes: Our use of Odoo enables us to automate and optimize your payroll processes, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Reliability and Compliance 

Ensure error-free, compliant payroll management, guaranteed by our expertise and advanced use of Odoo.

Save time and effort

Save valuable time and reduce administrative effort with our automated and optimized payroll process.

Personalized support and advice

Benefit from personalized support with a dedicated consultant, always available to answer your questions on payroll management.

FAQ : The payroll management

We Doo Accounting helps to reduce tax charges by ensuring accurate and compliant payroll management, taking into account the latest tax regulations.

Using Odoo enables payroll processes to be automated and made more reliable, guaranteeing tax compliance and reducing errors.

We Doo Accounting's tax advisors offer personalised payroll-related tax advice tailored to the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Their accounting expertise and use of Odoo ensures the accuracy of calculations and tax returns.

We Doo Accounting keeps up to date with regulatory changes so that it can adapt its services and advise its clients effectively.