At We Doo Accounting, we understand the importance of legal management to the stability and success of your business. From setting up your company to managing legal changes, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your business is built on a solid legal foundation.

Our Legal Management Services

  Setting up a company

  • Advice on choice of legal status: SCI, SARL, SAS, EURL, SASU, SC
  • Tailor-made drafting of the company's articles of association  
  • Determining the governance structure
  • Drafting a shareholders' agreement

 Legal management of the life of a company

  • Approval of company accounts and formalities for organising general meetings
  • Change of manager
  • Change of company name  
  • Capital increases
  • New partner
  • Merger/Universal transfer of assets


  • Choosing and changing tax status
  • Setting up a holding company
  • Setting up a subsidiary  
  • Company taxation
  • Local taxation

 Complete Business Creation Support: From selecting the type of business to its incorporation.

 Legal Change Management: Support for all major legal changes.

 Odoo integration: Using Odoo for simplified, efficient legal management.

 Pragmatic Legal Advice: Recommendations based on in-depth legal expertise.

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FAQ : We Doo Accounting and Legal

 We Doo Accounting has in-depth expertise in accounting-related legal matters. We support companies in complying with accounting standards and tax obligations, ensuring compliant and optimised management.

We ensure that your Odoo accounting always complies with current legislation. This includes tax management, compliance with international accounting standards and compliance with local regulations.

Yes, we offer full assistance with the legal aspects of setting up a business, including establishing the appropriate legal structure and setting up your accounting on Odoo.

Migrating to Odoo involves legal considerations such as data protection, tax compliance and the legal transition of accounting processes. We will guide you through these aspects to ensure a risk-free migration.

Data confidentiality and security are paramount. We use advanced security protocols and ensure compliance with regulations such as the RGPD to protect your data on Odoo.

We offer specific legal services to Odoo users, including contract advice, compliance management, and intellectual property advice related to the use of Odoo.

For personalised legal advice, you can contact us directly via our website or by telephone. We offer consultations to discuss your specific needs and provide you with tailored solutions.

Our rates for legal services vary depending on the complexity and scope of the services required. We offer customised quotes after assessing your specific needs.

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